Single Weights



Example of optional laser marking

Weights in class E2 according to OIML recommendation R111 and suitable for legal metrology and industrial applications. The accuracy class E2 allows the use of these weights for checking the calibration of scales and class I instruments up to 500.000e.
Ideal for the verification of weighing instruments in ISO quality regime.


  • In compliance with the OIML - R111 recommendation;
  • E2 precision class;
  • in highly polished austenitic stainless steel;
  • accredia (ea) calibration certificate upon request;
  • available with single or multiple case made of plastic or wood (case is compulsory for certified weights).


  • The laser marking service is useful to identify each weight or mass individually. More specifically:
    - The marking allows easier identification and traceability of each weight or mass;
    - It is perfectly smooth, does not remove material from the weight and does not affect the surface, thus avoiding dust deposit;
    - It is customisable, according to the requirements of the companies.
    In addition:
    - It remains unchanged over time;
    - It can be performed on previously purchased masses and weights, of all accuracy classes, from 1 g to 20 kg;
    - It is perfect for pharmaceutical industries and laboratories.

    Below you can see a preview of the calibration certificate. Please pay special attention to point 2. “Required information”, data to be communicated to the laboratory when requesting calibration.

 CodeValueTolerance +/- mgDensity kg/m³ShapeMaterial
WE2M11 mg0,0067950 kg/m3STAINLESS STEEL
WE2M22 mg0,0067950 kg/m3STAINLESS STEEL
WE2M55 mg0,0067950 kg/m3STAINLESS STEEL
WE2M1010 mg0,0087950 kg/m3STAINLESS STEEL
WE2M2020 mg0,0107950 kg/m3STAINLESS STEEL
WE2M5050 mg0,0127950 kg/m3STAINLESS STEEL
WE2M100100 mg0,0167950 kg/m3STAINLESS STEEL
WE2M200200 mg0,0207950 kg/m3STAINLESS STEEL
WE2M500500 mg0,0257950 kg/m3STAINLESS STEEL
WE211 g0,037950 kg/m3STAINLESS STEEL
WE222 g0,047950 kg/m3STAINLESS STEEL
WE255 g0,057950 kg/m3STAINLESS STEEL
WE21010 g0,067950 kg/m3STAINLESS STEEL
WE22020 g0,087950 kg/m3STAINLESS STEEL
WE25050 g0,107950 kg/m3STAINLESS STEEL
WE2100100 g0,167950 kg/m3STAINLESS STEEL
WE2200200 g0,37950 kg/m3STAINLESS STEEL
WE2500500 g0,87950 kg/m3STAINLESS STEEL
WE2K11 kg1,67950 kg/m3STAINLESS STEEL
WE2K22 kg3,07950 kg/m3STAINLESS STEEL
WE2K55 kg8,07950 kg/m3STAINLESS STEEL
WE2K1010 kg167950 kg/m3STAINLESS STEEL
ACCREDIA (*) Calibration of E2 class weights up to 10 kg
CE250 ACCREDIA calibration of weight from 1mg to 50g class E2
CE2K1 ACCREDIA calibration of weight from 100g to 1kg class E2
CE2K10 ACCREDIA calibration of weight from 2kg to 10kg class E2
CTDIV Extra cost for single certificates (Net price for each certificate)
VPML Initial mass verification in legal metrology. Service provided by the Milan Chamber of Commerce - Italy.
EXP Express sales service/calibration. It can be required for purchase orders (subject to stock availability check) of weights and weight sets including calibration and for calibration orders of weights and weight sets. Delivery within two working days for orders or material received by 12.00 a.m. (except in case of masses in calibration found out of tolerance). Cost of service: 25% net increase on calibration prices.
ICMP1 Compatibility report with previous CIBE calibration. Price up to 3 masses.
ICMP2 Compatibility report with previous CIBE calibration. Price from 4 to 29 masses.
ICMP3 Compatibility report without previous CIBE calibration. Price up to 3 masses. *
ICMP4 Compatibility report without previous CIBE calibration. Price from 4 to 29 masses. *
NOTE: (*) In case the previous calibration has been performed by another laboratory, the relevant certificate must be provided.
LASERT1 Standard CIBE laser marking (Format: ynnnn) for weights and masses of all accuracy classes, from 10 mg up to 20 kg. Price per single mass, up to two masses.
LASERT2 Standard CIBE laser marking (Format: ynnnn) for weights and masses of all accuracy classes, from 10 mg up to 20 kg. Price per single mass, from 3 to 10 masses.
LASERT3 Standard CIBE laser marking (Format: ynnnn) for weights and masses of all accuracy classes, from 10 mg up to 20 kg. Price per single mass, over 10 masses.
BM45100 Plastic case for single weight from 1mg to 100g (weight excluded)
BM45200 Plastic case for 200g single weight (weight excluded)
BM45500 Plastic case for 500g single weight (weight excluded)
BM65K1 Plastic case for 1kg single weight (weight excluded)
BM65K2 Plastic case for 2kg single weight (weight excluded)
BM65K5 Plastic case for 5kg single weight (weight excluded)
BM65K10 Plastic case for 10kg single weight (weight excluded)
BAK5 Aluminium case for 5kg weight (Weight excluded)
BAK10 Aluminium case for 10kg weight (Weight excluded)
BAK20 Aluminium case for 20kg weight (Weight excluded)
BW05 Wooden case for a weight from 1mg - 500mg (weight excluded)
B9501LE Wooden case for 1g weight Velvet interior(Weight exluded)
B9502LE Wooden case for 2g weight Velvet interior(Weight excluded)
B9503LE Wooden case for 5g weight Velvet interior(Weight excluded)
B9504LE Wooden case for 10g weight Velvet interior (Weight excluded)
B9505LE Wooden case for 20g weight Velvet interior (Weight excluded)
B9506LE Wooden case for 50g weight Velvet interior (Weight excluded)
B9507LE Wooden case for 100g weight Velvet interior (Weight exluded)
B9508LE Wooden case for 200g weight Velvet interior (Weight excluded)
B9509LE Wooden case for 500g weight Velvet interior (Weight excluded)
B9510LE Wooden case for 1kg weight Velvet interior (Weight excluded)
B9511LE Wooden case for 2kg weight Velvet interior (Weight excluded)
B9512LE Wooden case for 5kg weight Velvet interior (Weight excluded)
B9513LE Wooden case for 10kg weight Velvet interior (Weight excluded)

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